“Sometimes equality means inequality”

“Garbage can model is an organized anarchies”

I am learning a lot of paradoxes in my field, and full of ambiguity that sometimes I rolled my eyes “Yeah right, this is MA afterall”
Paradox is always appealing. Maybe I should come up with one too someday, eh?


People changed. This is the reality I learned since I turned 18. Since that day, I too have changed.
You cannot expect an old friend of yours to stay the same as he/she was 5 years ago. Although changes might not apparent, but I am sure he/she would appreciate more if you are not so judgemental when she/he did something in a different way. Afterall, you weren’t there in the last 5 years of his/her life.
Change can be incremental or radical. The latter can shock you, but not as much differ from the former if you havent in touch with the person for such a long time. All you know is this person no longer the one you used to know doing A or B.

I have known this theory for quite a long time, even then I still found myself astonished to see how my old friends have changed a lot since the last time I knew them.
For example, they said girls are usually earlier in designing their future compared to guys. During my undergrad, I’ve already thinking about taking master degree after graduating when I was still in my 2nd year, in contrast, my ex BF during that time still had no idea what to do after graduation, and he was in his third year! Turned out most of my male friends thought similarly. Oh, dear.

Anyway, so when I was browsing around twitter and facebook, I am quite surprised to see how much my males friends have changed. One of most playful guys I know even worked late until 2am almost every single day at his office. I never know he could take anything serious at his life, ever.
Some of my male friends suddenly leveled up from being jerk-ass-spoiled-brats to these hottie-intelect-responsible men. Those cute-but-badass guys that I’ve never interested in during my undergrad (because they seemed never care much about their lives and futures) suddenly look reliable and highly attractive (for they retain their cute parts!). I used to think how those guys would ever get married since girls want reliable guys to be married with; and I think I know the answer now. People changed, and so will they (or at least most of them).

This is also applicable universally. One of my best friend from chilhood times couldnt stop asking me whenever she met me “I have changed a lot, haven’t I?” so as to make sure I didnt fail to notice her more mature version.
Which I’ve always replied with a big grin. Of course I did notice! From this crybaby that I’ve always took care of to this mature lady who can support herself financially at the age of 17, from a sloppy-messy little girl to a fashionable woman with flawless make up, who could possibly miss that?

However though, sometimes I could not be able to see how much I have changed myself. I did say in the beginning of this entry that I too have changed a lot in many ways. But sometimes I am still wondering if I did really change at all.
Well, maybe in term of placing priority, or in term of being more receptive toward life, or controlling ownself, maybe some developments are there. But I am not sure if they are significant at all. I guess I am taking an incremental approach about changes in life. It is slow, but I hope it could be more effective. I have a whole life unfigured anyway!

So, how much have you changed up until now? 😀

Kuala Lumpur for Vacation

As a promise to one of my friends who needs information about where to stay, where to go and how to go around Kuala Lumpur, this entry is dedicated to you and others who might ask me the same questions in the future.

Let’s start!

How to go to KL from Indonesia? What flight is preferrable for you?

Well, this really depends on your budget. If you are a backpacker traveller, carry light, limited budget, and travel by yourself or friends, you can choose cheap flight by AirAsia (during promo only!) or another local airlines. However, before you decided to book AirAsia, I really suggest you to browse around first. It is true that AirAsia offers cheap fare, but sometimes the price is hardly distinct from other “better” flights. By better here I mean those airlines which include meal, and baggage capacity up to 20kg altogether. AirAsia is decent, but to tell you the truth if the difference is only about 200k Rupiah, I would prefer another airlines. I usually took MAS (Malaysian Airlines) or KLM Dutch. Both are nice and I know it’s only 2 hours of flight, but trust me, a nice and enjoyable flight is essential. You don’t want to be grumpy in the beginning of your trip! So, make your choice wise!

From Airport, what transportation should I take?

If you took AirAsia, you will get off at LCCT Airport, other than that, you’ll reach KLIA. There are three options to get to KL from both airports. Cheapest one is by bus. It is relatively easy to go to the bus stop at LCCT airport. It is located near to KFC (as far as I remember). The ticket is around 9-10RM per head. I would suggest you to book the ticket during the flight ticket booking. This will give you 2.5Rm less! Taking a bus from KLIA, however, will require you to walk around 10-15 minutes to get to the bus stop. You should carefully watch for the signs saying where the bus station is, do not shy to ask around, Malaysians are friendly people, and if you don’t feel confident to speak in english, you can always speak in Indonesian, they still understand when you speak little different than their language, trust me! The fare is also 10RM and it took approximately 1 hour or 1 hour and half (I kinda forget), and please take the bus to “KL Sentral”. KL sentral is the terminal center where all modes of transportation in KL meet. Another mode of transportation that you can take is train. I don’t know from LCCT, but from KLIA you can take KLIA Express. As its name, KLIA Express will get you to KL faster than the bus, it took you only 28 minutes from KLIA to KL sentral. However, you need to prepare more cash as it costs 35Rm per head. More about KLIA Express please look here. The most expensive one has to be taxi. I took taxi once and it costs me 80RM from KL sentral to KLIA. Good thing is, I shared it with other 4 people! hehe

Grace, where to stay? Any cheap hotel you recommend?

Actually, yes, there are some. But before that, decide which area you wanted to stay in and how many people you are travelling with. However, I will try to give you options from cheapest range to middle. Cheap hotels that you probably can choose are those in Chow Kit. The area has a lot of Indonesian people, however it is rather crowded and people said it’s rather not safe. But some of my friends’ family who came for a visit stayed there and found no trouble. The price are ranging from 55RM (single room) to 250RM. To get to Chow Kit is easy, from KL Sentral, go outside and took monorail (monorail is not inside of KL Sentral building!), buy ticket to Chow Kit (last station). Get off and browse around that area. The closest hotel from the Chow Kit monorail station is Hotel Putra Muda click the link and it says you can book online! Anyway, another hotel you can try to find here.

If you don’t feel like staying in Chow Kit because it is too far from the heart of KL, try Bukit Bintang Area. There are many cheap yet decent hotels around there. I cannot remember the names, but for God’s sake, you can just type “Hotel in Bukit Bintang” in your search engine, and voila! A good thing about staying in Bukit Bintang is, it is near to go around the city. Although it is quite crowded, but perhaps worth to try!

If you stay with family, I suggest you to try around Ampang. My family used to stay in De Palma Hotel. It is quite pricy compared to other hotels I mentioned before (around 200RM per night, although I must say it is normal for Indonesian hotels!), but the hotel is nice, food is nice, and room is bigger. But, to get to De Palma from the city, there is no LRT or monorail station nearby. So you need to take a cab. It is not really expensive, but perhaps another thing you want to consider.

There are a lot of good hotels that you can try and I probably have not mention, so don’t be lazy, do browse around!

What about transportation?

Don’t worry about that! If you can survive Jakarta’s road, you will absolutely survive any other cities’! To go around the city, you can take LRT, monorail, or bus. Most expensive ticket fare for LRT is 2,50RM (I don’t know if it has changed though) and monorail’s is around that too. Sometimes you have to transfer from monorail to LRT or vice versa, but trust me it is way more comfortable than transferring from an angkot to another! :-p

Where to go? Any good recommended place and restaurant?

Definitely! But what kind of place do you want to visit? Malls? (I don’t know about you, but I have it enough of seeing malls in Indonesia, but hey, I shouldnt be judgemental!)

Most visited malls are KLCC (and while there, you can also try visit the bridge as well, but to go there you have to get the ticket, it’s free but you have to get there since early in the morning. When I said early, I meant really early!), malls around Bukit Bintang are favorites too, such as Pavillion, Bukit Bintang Mall, Times Square, and others ( just be there, I am sure you’ll see them).

My favorite area to go would be around KL Sentral area. Yep, just around 15 minutes walk from KL sentral, you can visit Museum Negara, KL Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Planetarium (very cool and interesting shows they got!), orchid park, and many others. Most of them are very very cheap (planetarium, Museum Negara cost you under 10RM), do google those places and see how much the price of tickects. I have visited those places and I recommend them, especially if you are going with family and little children. They must be excited!

Amusement park? Go to Genting! Genting is known as a place to gamble, but it has a quite good amusement park too! You can go there by taking a bus from KL Sentral, or Gombak Station. The entrance fee is included with the bus ticket, allocate one day for Genting visit. It would be such a waste if you just go for half day! Another place around Genting Highland is Bukit tinggi highland (now, I don’t want any rude comments about the similarity of the name with one of our cities in Indonesia, okay?). There you can visit Japanese Garden tea, Europe-made landscape, Rabbit park while enjoying a fresh air. To get here, I am not sure if there is any public bus. I usually go with my friends in university as a group and we rented the bus! hehe

Bukit TinggiJapanese Garden Tea

Bird Park

Yes, it's only me and some flyers. Problem?

Butterfly Park: enough butterflies to make you puke rainbow

Japanese Garden Tea

Japanese Garden Tea

Masjid Negara can be a good place to visit, also Batu Cave! Batu cave located in a suburb area and to get there you need to take a cab. It is actually a temple under the big rock (?) where people pray (please do google it if you want more infos!). Another interesting place to visit is Putra Jaya. Yes, Malaysian government is clever enough to make that “political” place as a tourist bait!

Putra Jaya

also upon my embarassment, I uploaded a video that me and my groupmate made for an assignment. Feat me as host of a fictive show called Jalan-Jalan, my point is, those places you should try to visit! Please dont mind my suck english and nervous chatter! 😛 Jalan-Jalan

Also try to visit Chinatown, Masjid Jamek, and IKEA in Sunway area. You might find those places attractive too!
About restaurant, I will not give too many recommendation, but if you like Thai food, please please please try Rosdet Tomyam in Kampung Baru. IT’S HEAVENLY AND MOUTH WATERY WITH AFFORDABLE PRICE TOO!
Well, basically Kampung Baru is a place where you can find tasty and cheap cuisines! Try Char Kwey Teow, Kwey teow kungfu, Nasi lemak, nasi ayam, lamb/chicken chop, roti canai cheese, yong tofu, and many others!

I want to go to Singapore from KL, how?
I have visited Singapore from KL several times. My option, take a bus. Go to Pudu Raya and take a bus from there, costs you around 30RM. But if you want to travel at night, you can take the night train. Here I provide you a link you might want to take a look. Train would be better I think, because, unlike bus, you dont have to get off from the bus at Johor Bahru to do some immigration stuffs, and stop in another immigration office to get permitted to enter Singapore. But if you want to get cheaper rate, then choose bus! A good thing is that you can just go to Pudu Raya at any time and buy a ticket for nearest time.

About acommodation in Singapore, I have less knowledge about it myself. Please do google it by yourself, put your needs as a keyword (backpacker hotel, cheap hotel, hotel in area A, etc) accordingly. You will see how powerful internet is!

That is all from me so far! Have a good holiday all of you!
PS. Information I provided above are based on my own experience of living in KL for 4 years. Therefore it is very bias and may not the best recommendation.
Another thing is, I did upload some pictures taken by my friends, I hope they do not mind. 😛

Stormy Day


So, while I was rushing on finishing my assignment (which due in the next hour and half!), dad called me and told me about a snow storm in Niigata. I wasnt really surprised. I mean, it’s heavy snow raining everyday here. How different a storm could be? Besides, university doesnt warn us about the effect or anything, so I couldnt care less.

But after I finished my class (on which I should submit that assignment, that turned out a midterm paper), I noticed a very very thick and heavy snow rain. It was like foggy day, only it wasnt a fog, it was snow. Scary? Not really, I stayed in a soundproof studyroom, so I pretty much could here nothing from here :p
But a friend told me things are different in his dorm. Wind knocked windows quite hard; cold slip through the window and bites; I guess staying in Study room would be better..besides, heater is much more powerful and free here! Heehe


One of most common syndromes found in almost all students, I think. One night I pulled all-nighter, the next night I cant close my eyes though i am so freaking tired and sleepy!
It’s bad, because i have many things to do tomorrow. My BF told me to take a med, so I did! I took a flu pill that can make you sleep like a koala (sleep alot but still cute! :p)

While waiting the med gets its effect, am writing something. Let’s see what can I say..

Ah ya, have you ever skip a class for the sake of doing an assignment that have to be submitted in the class after that? I am about to do it tomorrow :p
I really feel guilty about it (already am!), but I have no choice, if i stay awake tonight, I wont be able to attend Japanese class that starts at 9am. Impossibru. So its better to get enough sleep now and sacrifice econometrics class. Besides, I’ve always think that econometric class is a waste of time; I cant understand abit of what it is taught! Honestly!
So its better to sacrifice that one. Pareto optimality, right?

Btw, i think i need to lie down and close my eyes to get sleepy, rather than waiting for the meds to kick in.
Oyasumi, you!