Sore Ga Ai Deshou

Why is it the more I tried to find an excuse not to be with you, the more I wanted to be next to you right now?
The more I doubt, the more I don’t want to lose sight of you,
And the more I tried to give up, the more I assure that I can get through hell if it is with you.

Does that mean…is it possible that…
…I am in love?

Best Parents in the World

My parents are definitely not the best parents in the world. But they are the best parents for me.
There are many things they have done that might not be perfect; but nothing is perfect, right?
My parents, no matter how far from perfection they are, are so perfect for me. I just could not imagine if I was raised by another people other than them.
My parents, with their imperfection, had taught me a lot of things in so many ways.
And with their perfection, they made me the way I am now.
I am not their proud, rather they are my pride.
I love you, ibu, bapak.
Be happy, that’s the best wish I could ever possibly have for you.