Leap of Time, Why So in Rush?

This year I am 23 years old, young and ready to kick in!

Honestly, I’ve been losing my focus and start questioning why did I come to IUJ to begin with. I lost my direction.

How bad it is? Pretty bad! I had no motivation to do even simple things like reading material for quizz.

All I could think is I’ll get married, have one kid or two, and work (probably) nearby my residence area.

Gone all my dreams and high hopes for my future.

But today I came to a workshop about interview skills, which was very interesting and it quite opened my mind to all possibilities.

It’s actually weird that I’m start becoming so simple minded about my future; that’s very unlikely of me.

I love to have high dreams, I love to see my self in a new place, new people and new culture. I want to visit new countries and meet more and more cool people!

And I honestly dont know why I start limit myself!

I have to be grateful that my BF never ask me to stay only in his city once I graduated and married him, but why do I limit myself that I’ve been thinking to only apply for Phd in university in his area?

Then I recollect myself; there are places I would like to visit, far from here. 

My BF also never ask me to get a job ONLY in Japan, particularly, in his area. But since when do I only consider to work for company that’s within his prefecture?

Then I recollect myself; there are many kind of jobs I’d like to challenge myself with, it could be anywhere.

Best part is, my BF is even willing to adjust himself with my undiscovered future; he never limits my movement, my future career, and my dreams. If any, he wants to be a part of it. Just like I would like to be a part of his dreams (if you have any, dear 🙂 )

So, why do I start limit myself, creating my own boundaries?

Why So in Rush, Grace?

Then I recollect myself and realized,

I remember why I am here in Japan,

My family, my parents, and my siblings.

Because my future is not only for me,

but for them, and for my future kids.

So, I’ll stop limit myself and get my *ss off and work!

Wish me luck! I’ll fight through and through!

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