Facebook Friends

Birds of a feather flock together.
That’s mostly true. You’ll end up hanging out with the group of people who share similar minds like yours.
That’s natural and totally fine.
Some of my friends even keeping their facebook private only to those friends that they are more comfortable with.
Again, that’s fine.

But I personally wouldnt do that. I have many kind of people in my facebook account. From bigots, faggots, “alay”, emo teens, wise old men, wise youngsters, socialites. etc.
And trust me, many of the updates I found in my newsfeed are weird, sometimes are vey annoying.
Many of my friends who know about this keep asking me why I dont just unfriend those people if they are really that annoying. Sometimes I also wonder that myself.
But you know, most of the times having many kind of friends could be really fun. They exposed me to variety in life. I, who get bored so easily, am entertained by some different thoughts and ideas, daily routines and life, also different perspectives.
And as for annoying people in facebook, they are a reminder for me; that perhaps I am also annoying to some people too.
But of course, there is a limit in everything. As long as people dont pick a fight with me, i would still enjoy a lot of amusement from different kind of people.

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