1 Year of Autumn

Because I have limited access to internet in my apartment and probably I will not be able to post this entry tomorrow or the day after, let me just post this in advance.

Tomorrow  we will visit Tokyo Sea Life Park. Well, at least that’s our plan. It’s a date, right? 😉

I love going on a date with you, although deciding a place can take some tims as we have very different preferences on how to spend vacation and where.

Like I love picnic, walking slowly in a park, holding hands, watching those lovely kids while imagining to have some of our own playing hide and seek, eating foods I cooked or matcha ice cream we bought in the ice cream shop; with me unable to finish the ice cream but insisted to keep trying because I love ice cream. Telling stupid jokes, tickling your belly and we laugh. Realizing how happy we are. Oh, how I love that scene!

While I am satisfied with spending the whole day in the park, you would rather go to many places in one day. Jumping from this temple to another, seeing one street and fly to other place. Well, you know I get tired very easily and I can be so lazy to walk. I even begged for you to give me piggy-back ride, which is obviously and wisely refused. 😛

Anyway, tomorrow’s place for date is my preference, which made you dumbfounded when I told you with great excitement just how much I want to go to Tokyo Sea Life Park. Ah, come one, we’ve got to see inside of the sea, won’t that be amazing? xD

But you know what, you are right that we need to go to many places instead of just spending time in one place. In fact, there are many places I want to go with you, meeting more people with you, telling many stories to you, seeing changing seasons next to you, and trying weird cuisines with you.

I want to laugh more,

to love more

and to be loved.

It’s really sort of happy feeling that can never be replaced by anything.

Thank you for one year of lovely autumn we have shared, it was fulfilling, it couldn’t be more happier, it couldn’t be more lovelier.

Thank you for putting up with me, for taking care of me, for just always being there.

It’s autumn in Tokyo, it will be always autumn in my heart. 🙂

Looking forward for tomorrow’s date, and the day after, and the countless days after…

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