Procrastination Projects

It is my customary that when I procrastinate, I feel like doing things worthwhile, sometimes it can be as simple as doing other assignments, or it could be as complex as planning the future. Like find a perfect future cat, or planning a future wedding.

Finding a cat was my procrastination project in 2009 when I did my last year in my undergrad. Planning a future wedding is my project NOW.

I don’t know how it started, but if you check my google history, you’d find “wedding venue” or “wedding dress” on the list. You see, I inherited my father’s genes in term of obsessing with anything that inflict my interest, we got a huge urge to do it right away once our eyes set on something. To give you how serious that could be, you should ask how many business projects my father ever started? Hundreds. How many hobbies he ever had his hands on? Countless. The problem with this is, he has the tendency to stop once he got bored. We used to sell Bandeng Tanpa Duri and it is actually sold well, until my dad gets bored and suddenly stop everything. He was the one who got all excited at the beginning though *sigh*

Anyway, knowing such thing runs in my blood, I carefully tried not to be too impulsive in making huge decision, like owning a cat. It took me more than a year till I am ready to have one. I no longer have a cat, however, not because I got bored of my cat, mind you, rather because no one in my family is willing to take care of my cat while I am here studying *sobs*

Before I got my cat, I could spend countless time to just browse cat pictures and pet forums. And now it is happening all over again, with another obsession: wedding.

I even already found a perfect venue and catering for my wedding future 😆

As for the gown and make up…well, I keep looking the cheap and yet elegant ones. (what keep looking, ar? you want to waste your time again browsing around some wedding gowns instead of doing your thesis, Grace? Aiyooo…)

Well, I hope this is kind of me praying for a wedding ceremony soon and just like cat project, it will eventually come true, soon! *finger crossed* :mrgreen:

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