Some people know me for my sarcasm. Well, who doesn’t like sarcasm? except for the victimssarcasm helps you reduce stress and set your mood in balance. At least that is what I feel about it.
But not everyone appreciates sarcasm. While it can be funny, it can also hurt some people’s heart and ruins some fragile relationships if you went overboard.
Take an example of my relationship. Me and my boyfriend are a sarcastic couple who at times can be cruelly sarcastic in viewing the world. At a glance, it seems interesting. But actually, it is too dangerous. You see, during the fight, sometimes it is hard not to slash your opponent with your words. With sarcastic person, the difficulty is almost unable to resist. Once the trigger pulls off and kaboom! Things can get VERY ugly.
So the best way is too keep it as low as possible whenever I am with my boyfriend; we did not throw sarcastic comments to each other even though it is just a joke. Because relationship is too deeply rooted in emotional feeling that can make me 100times more sensitive. Do you think why girls will take seriously a comment like “the dress makes you look fat” from their boyfriends? Because telling joke can be risky and if you dont do it right, your relationship is at stake.
I am not saying that it is forever. Well, once a couple can draw the line between joke and not-to-be-laughed about area, I am sure things will work smoother.
But before then, keep your sharp tongue to yourself!

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