Final Fantasy

I just need to write this down since I dont have anybody to talk to about this. Even my BF probably didnt get me now. My bad for shoving this topic at his throat after a tiring day for him, but I really need to get these thoughts out.

First of all, do you believe in love that Beauty and the Beast have for each other? Do you believe that a person can actually genuinely love someone despite of their status, age, educational background, etc?

To make it clear, I will give you an example. Recently, my friend wrote something on facebook, posing a question about selecting between two girls. The first one is with diploma degree and the second one is with bachelor degree. Assuming that educational background does not affecting the “chemistry” when they engage in discussion with us, I therefore answered that the degree does not really matter. In short, I do believe in love between Beauty and the Beast. Love that sees beyond status, educational background, age, etc. Yes, you heard me right and clear, I do believe it does exist.

Now, what makes me think so?
Because I think I may be in it now.
No, it is not beauty and the beast literally, as a matter of fact it comes with different case, but I kinda think that I could understand how somebody can actually disregard things like status, educational background, and trade them for something much more important; comfort.
Comfort does not itself mean love, but love without comfort surely is irritating.

I have been with my current BF for a year and half now and I have to say that despite of our many differences, I sincerely think that the comfort I got everytime I am around him will always win me over. Sometimes, I even forget that we are actually different at all. The skeptical me who used to think that it is very naive (and cheesy!) to think that someone can put ‘love’, comfort, or whatever it is called, above other factors, and that someone can actually answered “Why I want to be with him is because I love him, and that is all”, has started to doubt that love may not be that complicated afterall.
And to be honest,
it scares the hell out of me.

I mean, was the love, feeling, whatever it is, is actually real?
Or was it just a fantasy?
Was it just me wearing a pink glasses?
Does such “true” love actually exist?

The deeper my feeling for someone, the scarier it gets.
And I have never been this scared before in my life.

I dont exactly know what the meaning of love is,
But if it is the comfortable and secure feeling you have whenever you are around him,
the feeling that makes you believe anything will be fine as long as you have each other,
kind of feeling that makes you think it does not matter how he looks, or what degrees he has, or how rich he is, because deeply inside you always know that he cares about you more than any guy could do. Even though he barely say sweet things, but you just knew that you can rely on him. And that is what really matters.
If those feelings are love,
then yes,
I am madly in love.

And hell, it’s scary.

One thought on “Final Fantasy

  1. I think, to be able to sustain love in the long term, people need commitment -an upper level “entity” above love. In the beginning though, love is really important to keep your passion going, afterwards love evolves to commitment. to keep you both together for the rest of your life.

    #semogacepat 😀

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