Biotherm AquaSource Set Review

Unlike my BF, I dont fancy (and not good!) in writing review. But since I am one of google generation, I find it helpful to read review about items (especially makeup) from internet. Well, though makeup really depends about your skin’s ability to fit and adapt with the product, but reading some reviews did give me more information when I am considering to buy a product. So I hope my review can be any help should any need it.

Here goes my first product review!

Name of Product : Biotherm Biosource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse

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I bought the Biotherm aquasource in summer last year when I was in Jakarta. I was so desperate to find a good facial foam. My face skin is super tricky. It is dry and acne-prone. I had a tough time to find a really good facial foam. Especially since I studied in Japan, winter was really a hell time for my face. My face was badly chapped and acne just seemed to enjoy living there. So when I was back to Indonesia, I was committed to buy a new product that will help me moisturize my skin without breaking it out.  I heard about Biotherm and decided to buy it since I heard it is “aqua source” and looking at its name it sounds so “rich in water”.  Before I invested in long-term treatment (buying big bottle), I tried the travel kit. Since it was okay, I bought the big ones. The foam was actually good, it didnt irritate my skin or makes my face feels tight. The foam was soft and has some fragrance on it. It did not break me out and it left some fresh feelings afterward. It was okay. When I tried Biotherm, it was summer in Jakarta. Everything was okay even when I went back to Japan. But then when winter is coming, without I am realizing it, my face suddenly has sooo many pimples! My face was too dry and the soft foam suddenly feel so harsh in my skin! Because of this, I decided to stop using it even though I still had like a 3/4 a big tube full 😦

Verdict: 3 out of 5

Pros : no breakout, not too dry, and only need small amount to get lots of foam.

Cons: Pricey, fragrance, too harsh for winter. 

Name of Product: Biotherm AquaSource Toner

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The toner has similar fragrance with the foam. The fragrance itself was not so bad for toner as it was for foam, in fact I found it rather soothing and calming after a hectic day. After using the toner, my face feels moisturize and fresh. It also lifted some makeup residues that the foam couldnt. So it was quite good. It also didnt break me out.

When winter came, I tried to stop using the foam but still tried to use the toner. But I guess it didnt go well with my new facial foam (Shiseido Perfect Whip Cream) as it breaks me out, so I decided to stop it all together.

Verdict : 3.5 out of 5

Pros : fragrance was nice, only need small amount, fresh and feel clean, moisturized.

Cons : Pricey, break me out and drying  during the winter.

Name of Product : Biotherm AquaSource Moisturizer

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Honestly, I expect a lot from this moisturizer. The texture and the appearance reminds me a lot like Clinique Moisturizing Surge that I absolutely love. But this one comes with fragrance and abit more liquid than Clinique. When I tried it, it felt light and absorbed quickly to my skin. But, my face soon feels so oily. Maybe it was the heat (as it was summer in Jakarta!). Moreover, it break me out badly and it was expensive!

I didnt purchase big jar, even the travel kit version was unused. When I tried to use it during winter, it didnt moisturize my skin at all! I am disappointed!

Verdict : 1.5 out of 5

Pros : absorbs quickly

Cons : break me out, did not moisturize enough during winter, pricey, oily under sunlight.

My conclusion to this review is that my skin seemed to like Biotherm at first during summer, but it really hates them in winter. It seems that the name “Aqua” itself does not really help my skin to go through winter and when I tried to use it back in autumn, my skin rejected them. It is quite pricey so if you are not sure buying this, buy the travel kit version and I suggest you try it in winter to see if it is harsh for your skin or not and whether your skin likes it in all season.