Heat Stroke vs Dedication at Work


This year’s summer in Japan is really taihen! Average temperature is 35 – 37 celsius with humidity level up to 80%. It is a major killer! A friend in twitter reported that 500 people (in Tokyo alone?) were admitted to hospital due to heat stroke. My BF recently told me about several employees in his office passed out in the middle of the work.
Today I went to Immigration office to change my visa status. It is quite hassle as I dont have longer time staying in Japan, so I requested them to process it quicker. I hope it will be alright.
Anyway, in the parking area, I saw an old man (aged around 60yo, hair is completely white), he is working as a parking guy. Helping people and directing cars under direct sunlight!
It must be damn hot for him, esp he is not in his best age.
But even summer doesnt stop him from working.

Japanese people always surprised me with their dedication at work. Even there is a term “karoshi” meaning “death from overwork”.
The thing is, majority of elderly in Japan does not exactly in need of money. Pensions or insurance could actually pay off their golden days quite well. But because they only know about working in their entire lives, once they are jobless, they found themselves losing direction or losing purpose of life.
I have spoken to an old lady who worked as a security guard in a shopping mall in Malaysia and she told me exactly the same thing. So I think the phenomenon is not exclusive for Japan only.

What astonished me is that, Japanese people will put 110% dedication to their job even if they are already weary and old, and even though the job is only part-time!
Take it from the old parking guy I met today, even if the job may give him heat stroke, he still takes his job seriously.

This is what I adore from Japan and I am learning it now. I believe that by putting total dedication and professionalism in whatever you are doing, it will bear a sweet fruitful result.
I hope I will be given the chance to apply it in the professional field later!

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