Net Cafe in Japan


Today is my first time trying net cafe in Japan. I heard that Japanese net cafe is really comfy and nice. Some people even spend a night in a cubicle.
Because I urgently need to print some documents, I came to net cafe in front of station. Notice the poster had a major typo there: price rist. :mrgreen:
The atmosphere inside of the net cafe was nice and comfy, reminds me of Inulvizta, a karaoke place in Jakarta. Inside net cafe, usually there is a stack of free manga to read.
I was asked if I wanted a cubicle or just a small desk and chair. Because I am not planning to spend long time there, I choose the cheapest one (tehe~). Per 30 mins, they charged 180 yen and 80 yen for per 15 mins extension.
The staffs are nice and helpful. I was able to print easily too.
What interesting is the people next to my desk, some are sleeping peacefully, some are reading manga, and some other barely touch their computer. Maybe for them net cafe is a place to hang out comfortably without any disturbance or pressure to socialize.

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