I dont believe I would say this, but I am loving smoothies!
So far I havent tried many recipes yet, but I will share some of my favorites. I usually use herbalife shake formula 1 chocolate dutch to make myself feeling full, but you can totally omit that or change it with your favorite chocolate milk.

Banana yogurt smoothies (230 kcal)
1 ripe medium banana (or 2 small banana)
80 g plain yogurt (or vanilla yogurt)
6 ice cubes crushed
200 ml water
2 tsp herbalife shake chocolate

Direction :
Mix everything.

Strawberry smoothies (200 kcal)
1 handfull of strawberries (I used 8 big sweet strawberries)
80 g plain yogurt
1 tsp honey (or 2 if you want sweet)
6 ice cube crushed
200 ml water
1 ripe banana

Apple lemon yogurt smoothies (230 kcal)

1 sweet apple, peeled, cored, sliced
1 banana
1/2 lemon, peeled, seeded
1tsp honey
50 g plain yogurt
200 ml water
6 ice cubed crushed

Avocado Choco Dutch (280 kcal)
1/2 avocado
2 tsp herbalife chocolate
1 tsp honey
200ml water (or more if the texture is too thick)
6 ice cubed crushed

Well, that’s what I have tried so far. My daily smoothies is banana choco one, I drink it almost everyday esp during summer, I look forward the time to drink this! Hehehe

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