The Empty Floor


As the title of this post says; the main focus of the picture is the empty floor.
Just now, I saw an old man walking ahead me so slow I almost got impatient and yelling inside my head. When I finally passed him, I saw he is holding a blind cane; yes, he is blind.
I immediately feel bad about the man, it must be difficult for him trying to “read” the floor, because it’s such an empty floor. What I meant by empty is, I keep seeing a specialized paved floor for blind people in Japan. They are everywhere in Japan, in subway, station, or main pedestrian walk. Sometimes they are even equipped with audio (like announcing that there will be a restroom in the right side or something, yes it is very cool indeed). I never really mind it or care about it until today. I mean, I never realize how a big help it must be for blind people to have such paved-floor. But just because we dont use it, it doesnt mean that it is not important for others, right?

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