Street Food


Yesterday my uncle and aunt offered me es cendol (indonesian jelly with ice?). They usually bought it in the small stall in front of a mini market. It’s a typical street food stall. With my burning throat, I immediately said no. I told them I cant trust the quality of Indonesian street food; the hygiene of each and every ingredients they used. If it’s not the ice cube, it might be the sugar, or even the coconut milk. My aunt told me I was too paranoid.
But am I?
This photo was taken inside a public transport during red light. Inside the box are tofu’s! Apparently they moving tofu without even bother to close the lid. They just placed them inside a box and put them in an opened-roof truck. They did soak the tofu in the water to keep the tofu fresh, but I am also not sure whether the water is hygiene. With heavy congestion in Indonesia, I can swear you that the tofu is being exposed directly to emission from cars and other vehicles.
I dont know if this is actually okay for tofu, but seeing this made me cringe. I could be one of the people who eat that heavily-air-pollution-contaminated tofu!
So am I being too paranoid now?

2 thoughts on “Street Food

  1. If you’re paranoid then so am I! I’m not worried about microbes since I think I’ve developed a tolerance towards them, but god knows what kinds of things are contained in the open air of busy streets… 😐

    Maybe when we buy it for our own use and clean + prepare it properly it’s alright, but I don’t think street food stalls particularly try to keep their ingredients and final product clean. I just try to avoid buying food from busy streets because imagining all the dust & dirt make me feel reluctant.

  2. Dear Grace A.K.A ncess
    I took Bioprocess engineering classes for fun before I graduate (I am metallurgist), when I was in the class and learn about bacteria, it’s kinda frightening. I remembered that in the last classes, my Professor said that we shouldn’t be afraid of germs in food since God created us already added antibacterial inside our body. I remembered that when i learn science in elementary school about adaptation and evolution. So scientifically about germs, our body especially our digestion system will adap0t even evolve to create antibacterial in order to digest the food. another example is, if u live in highland which is low oxygen,, your body will develop and produce more HB in ur blood in order to bind more oxygen.
    kaukasian’s have big nose with a lot of hair inside since in the spring the flower’s pollen is everywhere and this morphology of nose will help them not to sneeze.
    The one we must consider carefully is the dangerous chemical contained in the food, since we can’t adapt against dangerous chemical.
    The one u must consider is plastic. As we know many people want to take out food by using plastic, and usually the seller just using some plastic bag as container for food (even worse for hot food). It’s okay if u use Thermal plastic such as PP or PC but the rest is awful. Many people use PET(Poly ethylene Terephthalat, used in mineral water such as “Aqua”) for more than 1 time use. It can be used only 1 time! And many people sell in the place where it’s exposed to sun light, it’s dangerous since the UV light from the sun will degrade the polymer chain or the dopant (some chemical added to polymer to increase or to add some properties to the polymer), in this case Terephthalat, which is toxic and carcinogenic, and it will be mixed in ur food or drinks.
    These things will make u someday, get cancer or tumor since the existence of free radical in ur body. Oh by the way it’s also can be degraded if exposed in heat (0.4 from melting point! for example 100 C so at least must below 40 C).
    So…stop buying new mineral water from Galon! I saw how they transport it (even the biggest company, Aqua), just like ur picture!
    Clean up ur veggies in the Ozonated (O6) water. Ozon capable to degrade toxic chemical and complex chemical substance! since ur veggies are exposed in pesticide which contain complex chemical containing Chlor (very hard to remove).
    Choose food well! and Hope for the best for the BIG DAY!

    Leon Valentino
    Biomaterial engneer

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