Euphoria of Love


They said first three years of marriage is an euphoric area, a mini version of heaven where everything is perfect and happy. I personally didnt believe this. I am a hopeless romantic, marrying a guy who barely gave me flower and sweet words? No way it will be all lovey dovey!
I practically laughed at such idea, especially it’s my boyfriend (now husband) that I am talking about. I dont think he’s the type that will swoon me with all the romantic honeymoon phase life.

But guess what? I am totally wrong! No, I wasnt wrong with the part of my unromantic boyfriend, that is still valid as I am speaking, but I was totally too cynical in seeing marriage! It isnt all happy because of flowery glorious romance, but it could be an ecstasy made by another side of human nature: kindness.
My husband probably isnt the romantic type, but he certainly is the kindest guy I’ve ever been with! His kindness melted my heart, everyday. I know it’s been only 2 months so far, and yet I feel like I am the happiest woman on earth! The luckiest too!
You know when they said the happiest moment in a girl’s life is during wedding? Mine is not that, definitely now is sooo much better!
I have found my best friend, a reliable protector, a partner, a brother, a father, and a lover in one good package! Damn you, stealing my heart away like this! :))

I am sorry if I exaggerated a lot and if you feel like puking reading this, thinking that I am over the moon only because of the euphoria of honeymoon phase, maybe you are right. Definitely maybe you are damn right.

But I dont want this feeling gone wasted just like that and someday it might be replaced by new less happy feeling. I want to record this, to remember that for once, at least, I am very very happy to have him by my side, for the first time, I feel secure.
I also want to remember that he helped me in many house chores: dishes, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house, he did them without complaining. He was very patient to me whenever I am throwing tantrum. If someday things change and storm appears, I want to at least remember that he is a very kind and gentle-hearted guy (and I believe he will always be). I want to remember that right now, right this second as I am typing it, I have developed such a strong feeling toward him, and I wish it’d be forever (however cliche that may sound!), I feel so damn lucky to have him. And most importantly, I want to remember that I love him. Yes, I do love him!

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