That you never heard anyone ever tell you they love you, doesnt mean that they actually dont.
That you think you didnt do a good job, probably you are wrong.
That you feel you are worthless, useless, ordinary human being and nobody cares if you live or dead, you could have been exaggerating.

Because who knows, that in this world there are people who actually love you so much and almost telling you that, but for some reason they didnt. But that doesnt mean they love you less, does it?

And who knows that boss of yours and colleagues at works actually have great respect in you. They just almost never have time to mention it to you. Doesnt mean you screwed up at work.

Who knows that in this planet, you mean the world to someone, you are their treasures that they wont trade with anything. But they just almost never have time to show that affection to you. But that doesnt mean it’s less true, right?

You know very little of people’s minds and life. What is not said or heard, what is stop at “almost said, or almost done”, doesnt mean they entirely do not exist.
They are there, you just cant see it,


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