The Wind of Change

Change is hard. Because you are comfortable being in the current situation and new things can be so risky, it is scary.
But once in a while, change is necessary. Moving forward is no longer an option, but a necessity.
Sometimes, change is something you desperately seek for.

March is the season of renovation, I think. It is when things are changing for betterment. Companies recruited new employees, school welcomed new students, people are moving to new apartments, some stores at mall are renovating. March also marks the end of cold winter, inviting the wind of change to blow hard, cold, bitter, sometimes slapping our face.
But as uncomfortable as it is, the wind indicates that spring is coming. Flowers will bloom, warm sun will accompany, things will change.

And so do I.
I was offered an opportunity for a big change in my life. I dont know about how big the impact will be, but I know I wont be the same person I was before.
Alhamdulillah, God finally answered my pray, if everything went smooth, I will start working as a staff in one well-known university in Japan.
As exciting as it sounds, I also feel anxious. Whether I could survive the wind, whether I could adjust myself well, and whether I could fulfill the expectation of my colleagues.
But I have been waiting for this wind of change to come, so I had no time to chicken out and back-off now. It is just not me.
For now, I have many anxiety. But I figured, the best thing to get through them is by taking them one by one. One step at a time.
Bismillah, may Allah always bless my way.

The wind of change is coming. It can be cold, bitter and harsh. But hang on there! You will get through it. Spring is right in the corner. Enjoy the wind, enjoy the ride.

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