973 Days of Happy Decision

Dear you,

Yes, you. I hope you read this, and I certainly do hope when you are reading this, you have deeply think about what I said this morning. About how time flies, about how we no longer live for our own self, how I care about your well-being.

Today is the 973 day we have been together since 22nd of September 2011. Do you remember? That day when we were just talking through skype until late night, randomly talking about things. It was 3 years ago, we were younger by 3 years. I probably will not be able to pull off all-nighter as I used to, and I should not. You too.

It`s funny sometimes f I look back at my whole life and see how many times I actually had  coincidents or chances to be with someone else.

I could`ve ended up with a guy who fixed my father`s computer and asked me out, I could`ve ended up with the son of my parents` friend that been said to be my future husband even before I was born, I could`ve ended up with one of my exes, I could`ve even ended up with a stranger whom I met at bus like how my aunt and my uncle met.

But no, I ended up with you. I was fated to know you from blogsphere, I was fated to dated your friend, I was fated to bumped into a school poster that I eventually enrolled, I was fated to applied for that school, which was located in the country you are living in,  I was fated to had some difficulties with financial aid and scholarship, and then, I was fated to reconnect and talked to you about it.

Those sequences of life, do you think I could foresee them? I could not, it was a fate. They came to me and sometimes abruptly.

But to be with you after those events was not only a fate, it was my decision. It was my decision to spend my following fated time and life from then on, with you.

We might`ve never fall in love to begin with, but we did. And I am glad that we did. You are the happiest decision I have made in life so far. You are my person, the one that gets me, understand me in and out, the one whom I wish to always be number one when it comes to everything. The one whom I will defend and fight for.

All thing will come to an end, and we have used our 973 days together. Though there were times when it was bumpy and rocky, but I am always happy about it.

I do not know how much time left for us to be together, as I could never foresee my fate. Hey, I might`ve been fated to die tomorrow!

But I know one thing for sure, that YOU ARE MY PERSON, and I need to know that you will always be healthy and well, and as long as you are with me, I want to make sure that you are. I made a vow to always be there in your sickness and health, but if I have to see you being sick, I think that will kill me first.

You are my person, my happiest decision, and if I am yours, please promise me that you will always be well, and you will always take care of your self, not only for you, but for me.

Happy 973 days, I love you, always have.