Dear Reika, 

This is maybe too soon for me to say this,

But I have a strong feeling that you will be someone who enjoys adventure, challenge and loves travelling. You will love meeting new people, new culture, and new environment. You will go to many places and try different types of cuisines. You will fly. 

If you happen to be the person I just mentioned earlier, please know that I am happy for you. Although I might have to hold my tears back whenever I take you to the airport, although I might counting days waiting for you to come back, although I might miss days we are eating on the same table and talk about stuffs, although I might bother you and calling you often. 

Don’t worry, baby bear, as much as i want to always keep you in my arms, I want to see you fly and enjoy your life to the fullest (of course still within our religion’s border, ok?). 

Ever since you are born, you always love new people, you love being surrounded by your family, friends, teachers, you just love them. You love moving, you enjoy playing, and just want to explore everything. 

And that’s when i know I should prepare myself if one day you would say confidently that you want to go study abroad, or work in another country. That’s when I understand that you are not meant for us to always hide and keep for ourselves, you are meant to fly. You are meant to fly and see the sky high, smell the ocean. We will be always here no matter far you go. We will be here and waiting for your new exciting stories. 

So dont worry about us, dont worry about me. 

Fly Reika!

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