You, Adorable You.

You grew up too fast. You were just this tiny little baby with big beautiful eyes staring at me. We both are amazed at each other’s existence.

You, the day after you were born.


How did this happen? And when? Maybe because I am always with you that I did not notice. You grow bigger, cuter, and smarter. Since when your cheek gets chubbier?

You, one and half month after.


4 and half months have passed and it feels like just yesterday I hold you in my arms and you can stay still. Without I realizing it, you already learned so many things ever since. Now you can’t stay still at one position, can you?


*credit to Mama Nisa for picture

You, adorable you. I love you too much, every second of every day. I thank God for ever giving me such a joyful experience to take care of you, to nurse you, to calm you down, to see you laugh, to hug you, to kiss you, to see you grow.

Thank you for being here, thank you for your laughter and smile. We cant promise you the moon, but we can promise that we will love you now and forever.

May God always bless our little family, may God always protect and shower His grace upon us. Aamiin.

You, me and Ayah. Your first onsen experience.